What is VEX?

VEX Robotics is a opportunity for the current generation to learn about engineering and software. Within the VEX program, students are given a challenge that simulates real world robotics and programming challenges.

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About the Team

Members of the 2018-2019 Riverside Robotics Teams

Carson Amos

Carson is a Junior at Riverside HS. He has been working with VEX teams for the past six years. Carson is the main programmer, troubleshooter, and is the team lead in advertising and design.

Julian Barretto

Julian is a Sophomore at Riverside High School. He likes to build and program and has been on a VEX team for five years. Julian is a builder and assists in programming.

Gaurav Kapoor

Gaurav is a Sophomore at Riverside High School. Gaurav is a designer, a builder and incharge of the engeneering notebook.

David Lee

David is a Sophomore at Riverside High School. David has been a member of the VEX team for 3+ years and is also the main builder and designer.

Chidera Onukwufor

Chidera is a Sophomore at Riverside High School. This is Chidera's first year with VEX robotics and is also a builder and designer.

Mrs. Astorga

Mrs. Astorga is the Riverside High School Robotics sponsor. You can contact her via email here.

Team Achievements

  • Finished as a quarter finalist in the Virginia state championship
  • Tournament champion at Woodgrove HS Regional Competition
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    Please support our team. To become a sponsor, email our School Sponsor at [email protected].

    Engineering Notebook

    Our past and present Engenerring Notebooks are online and viewable so that other teams can use it as a starting template.


    Our current and past code for the VEX Competitions. This can be used for other teams' as a starting template or for debugging code.

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